Berndorf-Band High Power Shot Peener

Sliding and rolling friction in the production process can cause a cross curvature into the belt. The increased stress in the edge areas of the belts may sometimes produce edge cracks due to the metal fatigue in the affected areas. In addition, there is a higher risk of cracking if the effects of the curvature deform the originally rounded belt edge into a sharp edge ( see BERMT ). Cross curvature also may cause problems when tracking the belt.


The belts must stay flat and smooth during production as long as possible. This can be archived either

  • by flipping the belt ( turning upside down ), which is very costly, or

  • by shot peening the belt

Using the new Berndorf Band High Power Shot Peener  the belt is bombarded

with steel grains with high kinetic energy and the resulting stress restores the original flatness.


Belts up to 3 mm thickness can be flattened , again. By using compressed air the High Power Shot Peening Head is sucked to the belt surface and special sealing material guarantees absolute no escape of peening balls.




  • The risk of cracking at the belt edges is minimized, which extends the lifetime of the belt.
  • Belt tracking characteristics will be improved.
  • Repairs, such as insertting patches and cross weld, can be carried out more efficiently and with higher precision when the belt is flat.
  • Production continues during shot peening.
Cross Curvature

When steel belt will be shot peening.

•  Siempelkamp, Dieffenbacher Presses: at 50 mm cross curvature

•  Küsters / Metso Presses: at 30 mm cross curvature

•  Mende Presses: at 50 - 100 mm cross curvature

•  Single Opening Presses: at 50 - 100 mm cross curvature

Or, whenever there is the risk that the belt might touch any parts of the machine / press.



Disadvantage of distorted belts during oparation

•  Belt tracking problems

•  Damage to the system parts

•  Overstraining of the belt edges

•  Risk of damages to the belt edges

•  Reduction of life time

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