Service tools for Installation and Maintenance of steel belts.
Berndorf Band deverlops its own service tools in house. These tools are used by the Berndorf service network, and are also sold to customers. The two guiding principles of all our development work are "economic viability for customer" and "high quality repairs".

1. The Magnetic Clamping Device ensures perfect clamping of belt ends to avoid gaps and misalignment with continuous welding. Since the clamp is extremely powerful, even used, slightly deformed belt can be welded without misalignment.


Magnetic Clamping Device
  2. The Patching Tool 3000 makes it possible to weld belt patches into damaged areas of steel belts automatically and faultlessly.
Patching Tool 3000

3. The cross curvature of steel belts can be easily corrected without interrupting the production process using the High Power Shot Peeneer.




High Power Shot Peeneer
  4. The Belt Edge Maintenance & Repair Tool retures the belt as closely as possible to its original condition and prevents edge cracks. This significantly increases the service life of the belt. It goes without saying that the patented special tools we use are being constantly improved in Berndorf in Berndorf, enabling us to modify them to meet special customer requirements. As a result, our customers can manufacture high quality end products, machine availability is improved, and the service life of steel belts is increased.
Belt Edge Maintenance & Repair Tool
  5. The Cutting & Welding Device minimizes the risk of cutting errors on site with prefabricated lengths, and can also be used as a simple alternative to the mechanical clamping device for the endless welding of very narrow belts.
Cutting & Welding Device

6. The Hot Bonding Device makes it possible to pernanently repair damaged or worn v-ropes. It is available in various different lengths.



Hot Bonding Device
  7. The Mechanical Clamping Device ensures perfect clamping of belt ends to avoid gaps and misalignment of belts for all branches of industry.
Mechanical Clamping Device
  8. The Large Repair Kit includes a complet set of tools both for carrying out manual repairs and also for use with a clamping device, cutting and welding equipment or a patching too.
Large Repair Kit


9. The Small Repair Kit includes all the tools necessary for simple, fast emergency repairs.






Small Repair Kit
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