Berndorf Band Patching tool PM400

Even high quality steel belts can develop defects in form of dents and cracks. Belt damage effects the quality of the manufactured product and can lead to unplanned stoppages. In both cases the result is often rising costs. You need fast, inexpensive help.


Technical Description

Using the Patching Tool, high quality repairs of steel belts can be performed at low cost. The tool is designed to enable trained personnel to cut a damaged belt section, insert and weld the prefabricated patch, and gring the repair zone

* Automated process minimize downtime.

* Very small thickness and flatness deviation.

* Simple handing and operation-Training time is short and easily understood

Patches are available in different sizes.

Diameter 225 mm.

Diameter 300 mm.

Diameter 400 mm.

  • Cutting out a damaged area with a milling device (dia 225, 300 and 400 mm)
  • Preparation of new patches with a milling device
  • Automated welding procedure for the patch (possible with 1 side welding
  • with wire for quicker repairs, or welding from both sides without wire for higher quality repairs)
  • Automated grinding procedure available to reach a low thickness deviation
  • (however grinding can be done also manually)


Steel belt damage before repair.
Berndorf Patch it has the same thickness as the belt, Perfectly flat.
Steel belt after automated welding.


After automated grinding
Finishing surface
Measurment flatness and thickness.
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