Berndorf Band Inspection Agreement


A scratch, a slight deformation, or obviously minor damages to a belt edge may be an indication of more serious damage requiring costly repairs. In a continuous production process these often minor but dangerous signs often go unnoticed. Even with appropriate belt maintenance and belt checking, smaller defects cannot always be prevented or even recognized in time.


An inspection agreement provides full security. It will establish the required scope of work, time intervals between the inspections, the costs, etc. VFE service specialists carry out the inspections. They have the necessary experience and a trained eye for identifying even the smallest defective part or misadjusted equipment components touching a belt and take the right measurements to prevent further damages.


Advantage : Fix costs that can be calculated for necessary inspection work. The risk of unplanned production stops and reduction in quality is minimized. Logging of all measured data and a final report secure continued production Lower costs compared to express repairs or expert opinions. Inspection and maintenance work can be cost-effectively combined. Smaller repairs are carried out immediately during inspection.










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