Berndorf Band Belt Edge Maintenance and Repair Tool ( BEMRT )

When Berndorf Band high quality steel belts are delivered to the customer, the belt edges have already been processed with a special shape. During the normal operation of these belts, deformations on the edges may occur due to the inherent mechanical processing in your plant. Such deformations or small under cuts will cause cracks in the steel. During repair of these cracks, the production is necessarily shut down. Furthermore, the belt life time will be reduced. The BERMT is a specialized tool for re shaping the edge deformation.


First the tool is fixed to the machine frame The support of the system is based upon the use of pneumatic force. When the pneumatic are switched on, the tool cuts off small chips from the turning belt ( means the process is done during your production ). This system is very easy to handle , as may be seen in a training video, which is handed out to each tool user.




Advantages :

  • only a few mounting steps for the device

  • longer life time of the belt

  • preventing edge cracks

  • therefore saving time and money

  • design saves valuable plant space

  • flexibility in installation

Three different shaped plane tools for re - shaping the edge deformations are available for all existing belt thickness.

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