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Supporting Disc for Diamond Circular Saw Blade

Supporting discs for diamond circular saw blades are semi finished tools which are fitted with diamond segments by diamond tool manufactures.
After that they are suitable for the cutting of material such as natural stone, concrete or tarmac (asphalt).

Applications: Semi-finished tool, through the brazing or welding on of diamond segments, equipped for the manufacture of:
  • Blocks and slabs from natural stone (marble, gneiss, granite, sandstone, etc.)

  • Concrete wall sections (also reinforced) and refined concrete
  • Joints in construction and tarmac (asphalt).
  • Cuts in construction materials.
Sawing machine: Stationary block saw such as Alpe, Hensel, Löffler, Park, Spielvogel, etc.
Multi-blade saws such as Gisbert, Makron, Perdini, Simec, Wuuhersin, etc. Wall saws, table saws, joint cutters, portable saws, such as Cedima, Deudiam, Eurodima, Gölz, Hydrostress, Lissmac, Longyear, Partner, etc.
Supporting disc for Diamond Circular Saw Blade specificationes:
  • 1.2003 Chromium steel = Standard material for supporting discs to be brazed

  • 1.7218 LWQ (laser welding quality) = Standard material for supporting discs to be laser welded, with carbon content < 0,30%

Heat treatment:

  • Hardened and tempered all over (=Standard)

Finish of side faces and circumference:
  • Surface ground finish (wider segments which are added later guarantee a good clearance).

  • Outer diameter ground for lowest tolerances.
  • Center bore honed or ground to H7 fitting.
Toothforms (acc. to FEPA):
  • C1: wide slot

  • C2: C2: narrow slot
  • C3: narrow slot, keyhole
  • C4: narrow slot (fewer slots = longer segments than C2)
  • C5: arrow slot, keyhole (fewer slots = longer segments than C3)
  • Double tooth, wide slot, with alternate slot depth (for short segments)
  • Chamfered segment, to protect the supporting disc when cutting abrasive material (3 - 5 pieces on circumference, straight or with radius)
  • Hammer segment, to protect the supporting disc when cutting abrasive material
    (3 - 5 pieces on circumference, for brazing on tungsten carbide plates)

Special forms on request.

Special characteristics:
  • Straightening acc. to FEPA standard or customer's requirements.

  • Tensioning to customer's specifications, to avoid re-tensioning after brazing/welding of segments.
  • Stable tensioning level, to facilitate frequent retipping without major re-straightening and re-tensioning.
Noise reducing options:
  • sandwich type

  • laser slots.

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