Service History




Steel Belt, Pastillation Unit, Flaking Unit, Cutting Knife, Belt Cooler, Slitter Knife, Carbon Steel Belt


Vienna Far East (1987) Co., Ltd. has been the agent for high quality industrial products for more than 20 years. Our core businesses are Stainless Steel Conveyor Belts, Indutrial Cutting Knives and Industrial Machinery.

Stainless Steel Belts and Carbon Steel Belts

Stainless steel conveyor belts from Berndorf Band have been one of the core products for sales and service of Vienna Far East (1987) Co., Ltd. for more than 15 years now. We are providing custom manufactured belts, repair and installation services throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Pakistan. We supply stainless steel conveyor belts, process belts, and solid carbon steel belts. Our Belts main application lies in the chemical industry, food industry and wood industry.


Chipper Knives, Die Cutting Steel Knives, Cutting Rules and Metal Working Knives

For many years Vienna Far East (1987) CO., Ltd. has supplied knives for the particle board, die cutting and steel cutting industry. We supply highest quality chipper knives . Furthermore, we supply Die Cutting Knives for the die cutting industry from Viking as well as steel rules from Martin Miller and punches and pins from Gerdins. We are one of the major suppliers of hot shearing knives and cold shearing knives to steel service centers throughout Thailand.


Steel Belt Coolers, Pastillation Units and Flaking Units

Next to steel belts VFE offers steel belt related machinery like Cooling Conveyors, Pastillation Units, Steel Belt Flaking Units as well as next to that we can offer custom made machinery like Acrylic Sheet Casters or Double belt presses for various industries. Any kind of need for your industry we will be able to satisfy. Please send us your specifications and we will send you the solution.