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In the chemical industry endless , solid stainless steel belts from Berndorf Band with a wide variety of surface profiles are used in the manufacturing of resins, waxes, fusion adhesives, rubbers and foils, but they are also used to produce acrylic-glass and film. Especially for the highly polished belts used in the manufacture of film, a one hundred percent smooth surface is crucial for the end product.

Berndorf belts are used around the world for processing chemicals and producing casted films and foils. All production requirements can be met. The mechanical , physical and geometric properties of a Berndorf belt guarantee quality down to the last detail.

Berndorf belts offer the highest possible resistance to corrosion. A special process developed by Berndorf Band ensures optimal adhesion of the vee – ropes. The belts are absolutely flat and provide all the advantages of precision running qualities and stability of shape. The Berndorf solid steel belt uses its excellent heat transfer characteristics for:

  • heating
  • cooling
  • steaming
  • washing
  • drying
  • casting
  • polymerizing
  • pressing and
  • freezing

a wide range of products in the form of

  • flakes
  • stripes
  • sheets and
  • pastilles ( drops )
to a predetermined size. It permits continuous operation and is useful in the processing of sensitive products where several zones can be provided to insure precise temperature control throughout the process.  Reliability is the reason why chemical raw materials should be processed on a Berndorf belt.

Belt materials
Please find below the specification of the Berndorf belt materials used in the chemical industry, their physical – and mechanical properties and their typical values.



Vee–ropes and product retaining strips
Both, process and transport belts, can be provided with vee-ropes and / or product retaining strips. Berndorf Band guarantees perfect adhesion of vee-ropes and product retaining strips within a wide range of operating temperatures. This makes Berndorf Band steel belts to an excellent base for chemicals.
Meterial of vee-ropes
  • Natural or nitrile rubber (standard) for operating temperatures from -20°C up to +100°C
  • Natural rubber for operating temperatures from -60°C up to +60°C
  • Silicone rubber for operating temperatures from -80°C up to +200°C


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