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Belt Materials and - Specifications
Also , whether the belts are made out from
  • stainless steel
  • carbon steel, or
  • titanium

depends on the application and the required resistance. Belt material used in the wood processing industry and it’s specification 

Physical and mechanical properties;

Typical values


Every Berndorf Band belt is produced exactly to the customers specification.

During belt production , each belt runs as an endless unit.

This manufacturing process, only,  guarantees perfect tracking and optimal flatness and almost any surface finish can be achieved.

Manufacturing Process of BBG Steel Belts
The production process of belts starts with the
  • flattening of the material and
  • trimming of the belt edges
  • longitudinal welding
  • again flattening and
  • thermal treatment of the material
  • again flattening
  • grinding
  • or other surface treatment on request *
  • trimming of both belt edges
  • re cutting and milling the belt ends
  • final check
  • packaging of the Berndorf Band belt.
Surface Specification
The surface specification available and used in the wood panel industry are
  • mill finished both sides of the belt
  • mill finished one side, one side of the belt ground and/LI>
  • both sides ground

The polished belt surface is required in the photo- and film industry.

( for high gloss belts )

After the required belt surface specification is achieved the belt is cut again and the belt ends are finished, such as :

  • open: the belt is precut and delivered with an excess length of about 400 mm, at least. The belt has to be cut to the precise finish length when being installed ( the angle of cut : 90 degrees to the belt edge ) 
  • prepared for welding: the belt is delivered in open condition. The belt ends are prepared for welding , the angle of cut is :

for NICRO :  80 degrees to the belt edge.

for CARBO : 80 degrees to the belt edge

for TITAN :   80 degrees to the belt edge

  • endless welded: welded at Berndorf, ready to put into the machine